ABACO DISASTER RELIEF: TODAY: We need HELP with feeding the volunteer workers on the island. BODIES…MEN or WOMEN who will volunteer to go and assist with the meals, serving and cleaning. There is a man on the Island who owns a restaurant (volunteer workers have helped repair and cleaned up since Dorian) who is providing this service through donations that are continuing to be given to this blessing).

They provide 2 meals daily to volunteer workers! WOW!

We have 2 men going to MOW on OCT 5-12. NEED 4 MORE TEAM MEMBER (men or women)….MUST HAVE PASSPORT.

Also TODAY we have confirmed housing for women. While some of the heavy lifting, etc. may not be something you can do, there has been a request for help daily to assist with meals for the workers on MOW – (workers include our Teams as well as other people/organizations volunteering on the Island.)

ALSO…men who may not be able to work in the tropical heat or are not handymen…construction workers….this may be an area that you can help with IMMEDIATELY!

Please message me if you can go! We will fit you into a team already going…or put together your own team. I will send you a schedule and an Information Packet!